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The Product

A hot, speed reading course called 'Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets'. It's a unique step by step course that shows people how to turbo charge their speed reading and comprehension.

You get 75% with the current sale price of $27 and is currently converting at over 2.49% on cold traffic.

Upsells: Up To 3 More Ways To Boost Your Commissions (At 75%)

After they buy they are offered an upsell for $37 - Over 50% buy this upsell!

If they don't buy then there are offered a downsell at $17, and if they don't buy this there is one final downsell at $9.97.

Most people will take the initial $37 upsell but these downsells will bring in some extra commissions for you :-)

Of course you get 75% commissions on EVERYTHING through Clickbank!

Super Easy Sales (No Selling Needed)!

As a valued affiliate partner you have a choice of 2 landing pages to send your traffic.

1) Send people directly to the sales page for the course.

Affiliate Link

Replace XXXX with your own ClickBank ID

2) Send people to a cool free video!

Affiliate Link

Replace XXXX with your own ClickBank ID

The system is set up so all you have to do is send people to a page that gives away a cool free video on speed reading.

This means that there is no need for you to 'hard sell' anything which makes you look good as you are just sending them to some good content!

Why This Means More Money For You

After they register for the free video they will redirected to the sales page so you make immediate sales. If they don't buy then we have an optimized follow up system in place that both motivates the prospects and presells the course to make more sales.

In short we do all the selling for you!

What You Will Be Paid & How

We use a well-respected company called Clickbank. Every sale goes through this company, It is already set up for you to receive 75% commission automatically.

They calculate all commissions and send out payments to you directly. By having this done by an independent third party it means you are not reliant on our word to send you your money - it's done automatically.

The selling price of the course is $27.00. We offer the bulk of the sales price to our affiliates - 75%.

After Clickbank take their fees you make most of the money... you get

Front End Course: Sells At $27 - You Get: $17.98 per sale

Upsell Sells At $37 - You Get: $24.92 per sale

With over 50% of course buyers also getting the upsell you make a potential $42.90 for each sale you make!

For those that do not take the upsell there are a total of two downsells in place that will get you some extra commissions

First Downsell  At $17  - You Get: $11.04 per sale

Second Downsell  At $9.97  - You Get: $6.17 per sale

The products are all digital - full instructions to access the course are given to customers at our site. This makes the whole system fully automated.

There is no inventory and all sales, ordering, delivery and affiliate commissions are 100% automated. There is no cost to you as an affiliate. 

Step #1: Get Your Affiliate Link

Your Affiliate Link To Promote The Sales Page Is:

Replace XXXX with your Clickbank Nickname

Your Affiliate Link To Promote The Free Video Is:

Replace XXXX with your Clickbank Nickname

If You Don't Have A Clickbank Nickname You Can Get One By Getting A Clickbank Account For Free By Clicking Here

After completing the Clickbank sign up page (which just takes a couple of minutes) come back to this page again.

Step #2: Start Promoting Your Link immediately To Start Earning Commissions As Fast As Possible!

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To add to your website, copy and paste the code below each banner/graphic, replace where it says XXXX with your actual Clickbank ID and paste into the html part of your webpage where you want it to show.

Side Note I’ve set the code so that the link will open in a new window.  If you want to change this take out the target=”_blank” tag.

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Get In Touch

Question? Email Me Here: dave[at]

Also I will be happy to create custom landing pages for you if you have your own opt in list you want to promote to or can send some good quality traffic.


Dave Eaves



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